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Wearing flat shoes is higher? Do not believe these fashion nikes on sale people

Height is not high heels to scrape together, but for nine to five office workers and tired people, a pair of comfortable flat shoes, but much more important than fashionable. But also want to be comfortable and how to do thin? Take a look at how air max 90 these fashion people are with it! The secret is actually exposed to more foot skin, so that the legs look more complete slender, so the color of the shoes and skin color is similar to the nude color, the shoes into an extension of the legs, Legs are not long. Flat shoes is pointed design, look more slender legs, soft leather is not grinding feet, wearing a very comfortable. There are several colors of choice, are wild colors. Small feet pants tight design, it looks straight legs very long. Irregular stitching trousers, a sense of design is not monotonous In the high waist design, to avoid embarrassment, the shape of the hole look good. In fact, bare color shoes legs are definitely not limited to nude color, any can and skin color similar to the appearance of natural and natural colors can play an extension of the effect of Oh! Pointed shallow mouth flat shoes fabric is very soft, you can fold up, although the soft but not easy to bad Oh! The toe part of the bulingbuling of the flash drill is very eyeful!

The elongation of the pointed toe can be extended for the legs, and then the legs are modified. And round shoes because rounded toe lines will have a limit on the legs, can not show the effect of elongated calf. Pointed flat shoes is very elegant and gentle style, pink is a woman, black is very wild, light gray is very special. Cortex is also a bright high-quality leather, very durable Basic models of the chest cross strap design, significant chest big. Tighten the sleeves to modify the arm, blocking the worship of meat, tight short version nike factory store nike outlet store of the type appears slim, and then legs long. High waist can be stretched long legs, side open side of the skirt with pointed flat shoes is also a visual Huyou people a good way, with a short section of white sweater, simple and considerable.