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What is perfect match? Tall goddess and flat shoes

Everyone said that a good high, but too high also worry. High beauty there is no such distress, pay a one thousand seven eight of the boyfriend, obviously has been in the grid above the bar, but go out to wear a high heels holding him like walking the dog. Alas, no way, had to make a compromise by you! Who makes you so kind and cute? High heels can not wear, can only wear flat shoes. In fact, flat shoes can also wear clothing beautiful and elegant temperament, as long as the election, no problem yo! Shoes made of PU to do the upper, the appearance of beautiful easy to care, good quality, style is also great, taobao square head design, was thin and small, more important is not grinding feet, soles are not hard on the feet , Walking up and down the shoes is very comfortable, green and brown tricolor ultra-beautiful ultra-wild, MM are the second choice of fashion.

Personality of the toe design, neat, simple yet elegant, full of rich temperament, fashion design comfortable upper, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture, followed by artificial physiology design, so that the whole pair of shoes more aesthetic, Comfort, the soles of the pattern design, increase the friction, more non-slip, not to fall, the upper Liangpi design, increase the fashion degree of nike store shoes, Shoes are good, the end is very soft, wearing a thin little feet, the upper has a lap car line, not easy to open plastic, classic explosion models, vamps with 85% imported wool felt, can not afford the ball, not hair loss, , A molding two-color car line rubber outsole, bottom thicker 3 cm, light gray with skirts with jeans are sticks.

Fashion European style, the upper with ultra-fine skin, foot feeling soft and comfortable, the feet do not want to take off it, version is more praise the extreme, fashionable up up, black and purple stitching mysterious charm, black green stucco quiet Content, even the sections are fashionable up up, with jeans, casual pants, skirt, 2017 fashion style full. High-end pu, soft and delicate cortex, breathable and comfortable, retro tassel decorated with bow, the atmosphere with a small sweet, pig skin material inside, comfortable and breathable not dull, wear rubber outsole, anti-skid wear, reduce foot fatigue So easy to walk, leisure wild show elegant and noble, like the MM do not miss Oh