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Why do you do outdoor sports do not burn fat?

Looking out the window of the sun warm up, touch a winter to save the fat, restless little idea where the Shen also live, do not go out activities are sorry for such a good weather! Spring is the recovery of all the season, indeed suitable for outdoor sports, but in the movement to pay attention to the following points to burn fat:

1. Spring and day temperature difference between day and night, the morning should not go out to exercise, and scientific investigation shows that morning exercise than evening or evening exercise is conducive to good health;

2. Suitable for the daily movement of the spring Walking, brisk walking, tennis, etc., high-end, such as golf, skating is also a good choice, pay attention to moderate consumption, not high energy consumption;

3. spring haze haze weather, this weather do not do unnecessary adherence, reduce outdoor sports better to ensure good health.

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